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About Bookmark

Part of the WPP network, Bookmark is one of the world’s leading content and communications agencies, with nine offices globally. As brands look for ways to engage audiences in an increasingly cluttered landscape, Bookmark excels at developing insight-led marketing strategies and creative executions that engage consumers and ultimately help transform brands. The company’s content is distributed in more than 180 countries worldwide, across every continent, in 40 languages.

Social Media
Vibe Check: Branded Content on TikTok
What TikTok’s macro-sized microcosm represents is more than the latest medium for brand marketers to conquer. It’s a broader message about a new order, and an early glimpse of the content of the future.
Content Mapping Guide
A holistic approach to content is essential to realizing the full potential of experiences. With our Content Mapping Guide, align your strategy with the needs of customers at each stage of their relationship with your brand.
A New(ish) Case for the Greatness of Content

Brands that decide they want to reach an audience on the audience’s terms are the ones showing they truly care about the right things. Good marketing strategy is simply about being better, doing better and selling better.